3 Alarm Clocks for Chronic Over-Sleepers

Are you constantly rolling into work late, mumbling something about how your “alarm didn’t work?” Do you have Inception-like dreams-within-dreams that are virtually impossible to escape? Do you need the assistance of multiple alarms – strategically placed at opposite corners of the room – to jolt yourself back to reality?

Now that we’ve entered the long stretch of Holiday-free months between President’s Day and Memorial Day weekend, it may be time for all you sleepy heads to get a quality alarm.

Here are 3 digital alarm clocks that will help you wake up on the right side of the bed:

1) Emerson SmartSet Dual Alarm Clock Radio

If, like me, you are addicted to the snooze button, this little guy’s time projector might help you squeeze that extra few minutes of precious sleep out of your morning. It projects the time on your ceiling for 5 seconds after you hit the snooze button, allowing you to glance at the time without really entering the realm of consciousness. Pretty genius, right? In addition the standard red, the projector can be set to green and blue, in case you’re color blind (or maybe you just really like blue).

2) HoMedics SS-4000 Sound Spa Clock Radio

If you like to wake up (or nod off) to the soothing sounds of nature, this clock radio and “noise generator” has got you covered. This bad boy has a digital time projector and AM/FM radio, but the real draw here are the 6 immersive nature soundscapes: Waterfall, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Rainforest and Summer Night. With the sleep timer, you can listen to them until you fall asleep at night or as you get ready for the day ahead.

3) Acoustic Research Clock Radio with Dock for iPod

As the Rolls-Royce of clocks radios, this sleek machine gives alarm technology a futuristic update. Boasting pristine sound quality and an input for iPods and mp3 players, you can give yourself whatever wake-up jam you like. Its real wood exterior gives it an authentic, retro look the will class up any bedside table. And the best part? You can make it snooze by tapping it anywhere on the frame! That means that you could probably turn it off by chucking a pillow at it – although I don’t recommend that.

So even if you give new meaning to the words “heavy sleeper” or have slumbered through a meeting or two, these digital clock radios can help you get you on your feet–on time. Even Charlie Sheen knows that showing up to work on time is a part of modern life and a poor alarm clock is no excuse for tardiness.

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